The 1st Joint International Workshop on Models@run.time and Self-aware Computing Systems (MRT-SeAC)

This year, the 3rd special edition of the Models@run.time Workshop for Self-aware Computing Systems and the 2nd edition of the Workshop for Self-aware Computing will be jointly organized.

While the focus of the Models at run.time workshop series is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas on the use of run-time models, the workshop on self-aware computing systems covers the interdisciplinary area of self-aware computing, fostering interaction and collaborations between the different research communities interested in self-aware computing systems.

As documented in a recent Springer book on the topic, self-aware computing systems are understood in a broad sense seeking to integrate the different ways in which this term is used in the interdisciplinary research landscape.

More specifically, self-aware computing systems are understood as having two main properties. They:

  • learn models, capturing knowledge about themselves and their environment (such as their structure, design, state, possible actions, and runtime behavior) on an ongoing basis; and
  • reason using the models (to predict, analyze, consider, or plan), which enables them to act based on their knowledge and reasoning (for example, to explore, explain, report, suggest, self-adapt, or impact their environment),

and do so in accordance with high-level goals, which can change.

Workshop Organizers

  • Sebastian Götz, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
  • Nikolas Herbst , University of Würzburg, Germany
  • Nelly Bencomo, Aston Universiy, UK
  • Kirstie L. Bellman, Topcy House Consulting, US
  • Peter Lewis, Aston University, UK
  • Javier Camara Moreno, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, US