2nd SOCO (Self-Organised Construction)

The workshop on Self-organised Construction (SOCO) is to be held along with the 12th International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO 2018). Our key theme is self-organised construction and we aim at cu- mulating, presenting, discussing and advancing new research results from theory and practice as well as novel scientific concepts and methodologies. Originally inspired by nest construction in social insects, the general concept relies on a large number of agents that coordinate their construction efforts by prompting and reacting to local stimuli. Very recently, with the wake of robotic swarms and novel material processing approaches, including for instance 3D printing techniques and innovative deployment of carbon fibres, self-organised construc- tion is quickly gaining tremendous transformative significance in the context of various design and construction processes. These include also the construction, extension and renovation of architectural buildings, engineering design, indus- trial assembly and manufacture, and landscape architecture. Aligned with the host conference, we solicit for submissions that highlight the design and man- agement of self-organised construction from a computational perspective.

Workshop Chairs