Accepted Papers

Full papers

  • Jingzhu He, Ting Dai and Xiaohui Gu. Timeout Bug Detection on Cloud Server Systems
  • Nikos Zacheilas, Nikolaos Chalvantzis, Ioannis Konstantinou, Vana Kalogeraki and Nectarios Koziris. ORiON: Online ResOurce Negotiator for multiple Big Data Analytics frameworks
  • Sowmya Balasubramanian, Dipak Ghosal, Kamala- Narayan Balasubramanian, Eric Pouyoul, Alex Sim, Kesheng Wu and Brian Tierney. Auto-tuned Publisher in a Pub/Sub System: Design and Performance Evaluation
  • Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew, Robert Birke, Juan F. Perez, Erik Elmroth and Lydia Y. Chen. SmallTail: Scaling Cores and Probabilistic Cloning Requests for Web Systems
  • Jakub Krzywda, Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Eddie Wadbro, Per-Olov Östberg and Erik Elmroth. ALPACA: Application Performance Aware Server Power Capping
  • Tommi Nylander, Marcus Thelander Andrén, Karl-Erik Årzén and Martina Maggio. Cloud Application Predictability through Integrated Load-Balancing and Service Time Control
  • Parul Pandey, Mehdi Rahmati, Dario Pompili and Waheed Bajwa. Robust Distributed Dictionary Learning for In-network Image Compression
  • Marco Arnaboldi, Rolando Brondolin and Marco Domenico Santambrogio. HyPPO: Hybrid Performance-aware Power-capping Orchestrator
  • Selome Kostentinos Tesfatsion, Eddie Wadbro and Johan Tordsson. PerfGreen: Performance and Energy Aware Resource Provisioning for Heterogeneous Clouds
  • Ayman Younis, Tuyen X. Tran and Dario Pompili. Fronthaul-aware Resource Allocation for Energy Efficiency Maximization in C-RANs
  • Jeno Szep, Ali Akoglu, Salim Hariri and Talal Moukabary. Two-level Autonomous Optimizations Based on ML for Cardiac FEM Simulations
  • Soguy Mak Kare Gueye, Gwenaël Delaval, Eric Rutten, Dominique Heller and Jean-Philippe Diguet. A Domain-specific Language for Autonomic Managers in Hardware Reconfigurable Architectures
  • Amardeep Mehta and Erik Elmroth. Distributed Cost-Optimized Placement for Latency-Critical Applications in Heterogeneous Environments
  • Thomas Gabor, Lenz Belzner, Thomy Phan and Kyrill Schmid. Preparing for the Unexpected: Diversity Improves Planning Resilience in Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Ahsan Ali, Riccardo Pinciroli, Feng Yan and Evgenia Smirni. CEDULE: A Scheduling Framework for Burstable Performance in Cloud Computing

Short Papers

  • Jóakim von Kistowski, Maximilian Deffner and Samuel Kounev. Run-time Prediction of Power Consumption for Component Deployments
  • Venkat Tadakamalla and Daniel Menasce. Model-Driven Elasticity Control for Multi-Server Queues Under Traffic Surges in Cloud Environments
  • Esha Barlaskar, Kiril Dichev, Peter Kilpatrick, Ivor Spence and Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos. Supporting Cloud IaaS Users in Detecting Performance-based Violation for Streaming Applications
  • Ian Riley and Rose Gamble. Using System Profiling for Effective Degradation Detection
  • Ludovic Mouline, Amine Benelallam, Francois Fouquet, Johann Bourcier and Olivier Barais. A Temporal Model for Interactive Diagnosis of Adaptive Systems
  • Zoltan Mann and Andreas Metzger. Auto-Adjusting Self-Adaptive Software Systems
  • Sona Ghahremani, Christian Medeiros Adriano and Holger Giese. Learning Utility-changes for Rule-based Adaptation of Dynamic Architectures
  • Leila Hadded, Faouzi Ben Charrada and Samir Tata. Efficient Resource Allocation for Autonomic Service-Based Applications in the Cloud